How much do you support the Rejesto?

What you can do:
Donate to me.
If you want to be super generous you can just send some money my way. You can find my PayPal and Ko-Fi below.
Buy my music.
Although my music is available on the vast majority of streaming sites, streaming has woefully low payouts for artists and most people can't support themselves on streaming revenue alone. Below you will find my Bandcamp where you can actually buy my music for a fixed price, an amount which is normally equivolent to thousands of plays on most streaming sites.
Share my music.
If you want to help me a lot, please consider sharing my music. Posts on stories on social medias can help a lot if you like my music. If you know someone who DJs, and you think they'd like my music, show them it. Helping me by getting my music out there is massivley appreciated since the music industry is so dominated by monopolising labels, it's basically free advertising for me. My music is available on both Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok's music browsers.
Stream my music.
Pretty obvious I guess. I get a small amount of money every time you stream my music. If you want to help by streaming my music without even listening, don't do it by putting my tracks on loop, as looping tracks can sometimes not amount to streaming revenue. Instead play my entire discography, as I will get money for every stream.
Follow me on my socials.
You don't even need to listen to my music to support me, following me on socials such as YouTube, Instagram and Twitter can be a big help. I need those blue ticks for internet clout. B)
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Hey, you don't like me. I get it. No offense taken, please, click the button below. It will take you to a random website, better than this one. Sorry for taking up your time.
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